Life of a Teenager

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Band Camp

About a month and a half ago we had tryouts for drumline. I tryed out for snare, and got cymbals. At first I was really disappointed, but there actually not that bad. In middle school they were really boring looking (I played snare both years of marching band in middle school), but in high school, there pretty fun. The music is kinda hard, but pretty easy to memorize, and we get to do some sweet visuals while doing our show. The show is what we do at the high school football games at like half time. Its like at college games where the band makes all the cool pictures and stuff.
We have a music "theme" this year of what songs we play, this years theme is Beatles. We play four songs, well the drumline plays 3, The Opener (not a beatles song, I think, but drum parts are totally awsome), then The Ballet (drumline doesnt play), Eleanor Rigby, then Hey Jude.
A couple weeks ago were the full band rehearsals at band camp. They were from 9 A.M. to 5:30 P.M., so eight and a half hours. Those were great fun in the 90 degree weather and 100% humidity (or at least it seemed that humid). One thing that kinda sucks is im the only one from my drumline in middle school to continue in band this year. Although one of my friends in band, she played clarinet, does drums this year. So at least one of my friends are doing drums, but the rest of the drumline guys are pretty cool too. Our instructor usually has us go somewhere else and practice for most of the rehearsals while the band practices in the air conditioned band room. Then we go back with them towards the end.
Here's some pretty sweet drumming: (9 minutes long though) and this is the West Virginia University drumline (the thing says its a cadence bust its more of a double beat)

Saturday, March 10, 2007


I finally thought of another thing to blog about! OK, so today was the stake young men backetball tournament. For the past few years, we have been "cursed" as we can't get better than second place. Well this year, we finally got first! And not only that, but I made it to the semi-finals of the free-throw shooting constest! We propably wouldn't have even gotten second if one of the players on our team brought a couple friends from school..... who just happened to be on the high school varsity basketball team... But we won a cool trophie and each got T-shirts that say "Stake Basketball Champions 2007"

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Halloween meme

I'm on a roll today! Two memes! Anyway, I was reading through peoples blogs and ItyBtyfrog had done this one and said if any one wanted to do it they could consider themselves tagged by her. (Sorta like wat is at the end of my last meme.) Well lets get on with it.

What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?

I don't really like scary movies and so the scariest one I've seen I think would be "War of the Worlds"

What was your favorite Halloween Costume from childhood, and adulthood?

*sigh* once again I'm not an adult yet so I can't answer that part. But my favorite costume so far would be my one last year, I had a huge cut across my right cheek (fake, of course) my black cloak thing from a previous costume and an airsoft pistol (which I lost at the neighborhood halloween party, so sad)

If you had an unlimited budget, what would your Fantasy Costume be for this Halloween?

I would be one of the guys from SG-1 (from stargate sg-1) complete with P-90 (airsoft, of course)

When was the last time you went Trick Or Treating?

Last year, with my friends

What is your favorite Halloween treat?

Propably candy corn or the candy corn pumpkins. Never eat a whole bag of either of those...... stomach aches are not fun.....=)

Tell us about a scary nightmare you had.

I only really remember one, and it involved my sister being killed with a sickle

What is your Supernatural Fear?

I think ghosts would be, even though I have never seen one... (now i just cursed myself and one is gonna "poof" into my room tonight)

What is your Creepy-Crawlie Fear?

Spiders definentaly would be. I don't exactly know why, they just are

Tell us about a time when you saw a ghost, or heard something go Bump in the night.

I've never seen a ghost but once I heard one of the cupboards down in the kitchen sorta slam shut. And to add to my fear when I came out into the hall my dad was there and he suprised me. Then we both went downstairs to check things out (he had heard it too) but we found no one or nothing. ooohhhh..... spooky.....

Would you ever stay in a real Haunted House overnight?

It depends..... 1. would I get paid? 2. was it haunted with like a poltergeist or just some freindly ghost? and 3. did it need like an exorcism? If 3 was a yes, then no amount of cash could get me to do it.

Are you a traditionalist (just a face) Jack O'Lantern Carver

I'm definentaly just a traditionalist because I can't really do anything fancy with a pumpkin.

How much do you decorate your home for Halloween?

Me? Decorate? Psh, I played Splinter Cell while my Mom and sisters decorated this year.

What do you want on your Tombstone?

I don't really know, something nice. But I won't be around to read it.

Once again I havent been on blogger for a while and don't know who has or hasent done this meme so if you want to do this meme, just say I tagged you.

I'm back! And a new meme

Nettie tagged me for the "Famous in my own Lunchtime" meme.

What do you like most about where u live?

The area is pretty and everyone (pretty much) is friendly. The area is very hilly and great for cross country.

Is there anything strange about where you live?

Like nettie said, the roads are very curvy and often dont have signs saying which road is which. It tends to get very confusing sometimes.

What's one of your all time favorite music albums? and why?

This one im not really sure on because most of my CD's are burned and have a bunch of different songs and bands on them. I think I would have to say Rush: vapor trails was my favorite though.

Did you have a passion for something that you had when you were a kid? (if not, what is one you have now?)

Well, seeing as I'm still a teenager I can't do the first part but a passion I have now would be cross-country. I like the competitions and hanging out with my friendsand even the running.

What do you like most about blogging?

I actually don't know,the memes are always kinda fun I guess....

I havent blogged for a while so i dont really know who has done this meme so if you want to do a meme, just say I tagged you ;)

Monday, August 07, 2006

Marching Band

Well, marching band has begun. Meaning spending hours out in the hot sun sweating to death while playing my snare (not tri.. so sad..). Usually we just find some shade to practice in and practice there, but now the band has started coming (the first week it was just percussion) and we need to practice marching. The parades are really fun, but the practices are tiresome and, well, boring. And to add to that, all the other snares can't play worth their life. The percussion plays something called the cadence, while the rest of the band just marches, and at first it sounded really cool, when it was just me and my friend (who is the only other snare that can actually play good) playing for the snares. When the other three joined in, it didn't sound so good. So our band director changed one part of it so it was easier, and more boring and too easy. Then when I come back from vacation, he had changed it again and taken all the rolls out of the cadence! That made me mad. So anyway I'll just suck it up and hope the cadence in high school next year is better.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

"Almost perfect, but not quite."

In marching band I play the drums, and last year I played the snare drum. This year I wanted to play a new instrument called the tri-toms or tri's for short.
So I tried out for the tri's, but so did three other people. Unfortunately we only have three tri's at our school, and guess who didn't make it. Me. So I was pretty mad. But the good thing is that the day we figured out who did and who didnt make the part is that the band and choir members went to an amusement park for a "reward", so that took my mind of it instead of being mad all day in school.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Se7ens meme

Well, I got tagged again by nettie.

7 things I want to do before I die:

Go on a mission
Graduate from college
Get married in the temple
Have kids
Play Drums good awsome
Work at Bungie or ESRB
Go to Egypt

7 things I can't do

A backflip, even on a trampoline (even though I'm pretty close)
Beat my uncle at Halo
Run a mile in less than 6 minutes and 40 seconds
Whistle (with my braces)
Play drums as good as my dad
Long jump more than 11 ft
Save my money for very long

7 things that attracted me to my spouse

not married....
still not married.....
hmmm... nope.... still not married.....
jeez..... stop asking me questions.....
not going to be married for at least 9 years.....
*sigh* this is getting old.....
finally this question is over...... :)

7 things I say often

Be quiet! (to my sisters)
See ya (to many people)
Perhaps! (don't ask)
oook then....
touch it and die (also to my sisters, although I don't mean the die part)
I hate school.... (I say it daily)
What the heck? (for various reasons)

7 books I love:

Jarka Ruus
Pawn of prophecy
Star Wars episode III
Garfield books
Far Side books
Calvin and Hobbs books

7 movies I watch over and over

The Star Wars saga
Battlefield Earth
Harry Potter movies
Pirates of the Carribean
The Incredibles
National Treasure

A couple people who I tag (couldn't come up with seven)


Thats all I got!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Story

Today in church me and my friend Peter wrote this story, taking turns writing one or two sentances at a time, here it is:

The War of the Random People in New York!
One day while Bugs Bunny was hiding from the NY police, Porky pig did some sweet moves down the street. Then Bugs Bunny jumped up and shot porky pig with a fully-auto tazer. At that moment Abe Lincoln appeared and, seeing the bunny with the tazer and the smoking pig on the ground, decided he didnt want to get zapped so he bored Bugs to death with one of his more boring speaches. Barney then appeared with dual Uzi's and shot Abe and went on a rampage in the streets of NY. Just then Master Chief's cloaking device wore off and he started shooting people like ROnald McDonald, the Power Rangers, Obi-Wan, and all them guys off Lord Of the Rings. Then a whole bunch of random people came like Tom Cruise, Elmo, Big bird, Darth Vader, Neo and Trinity with their kid Imadingdong, and all the rest including the pope with his healing powers and his awsome moves. Don't forget Indiana Jones with conspitation, who got tazered by Sam Fisher and let it all out. Then 50 Cent came in with dual shotguns, but Elmo shot him with a 9 mm. which proved he's not really bullet-proof. Then Puss in boots and the devil himself joined alliances and killed many until they were shot down by some guy from Nickalodean. A little while later Napolean Dynamite appeared and killed the guy from nickalodean with his killer dancing skillz. Then Merv and Peter came in with guns blazing and dodged bullets and killed many including the Teletubbies until a couple of grunts struck them down with plasma swords. Then Sophie and "Baby" (from "Go Baby) came in. While everyone was saying how cute they were they pulled out their grendes and tossed them everywhere until they were the last ones left.